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Custom Solutions

Explore our range of tailored solutions designed to meet your unique water treatment needs.

Brand Spotlight - Neptune Chemical Pump

Discover precision in every dose with Neptune Chemical Pump's cutting-edge solutions, ensuring accurate chemical injection and efficient water treatment.


Elevate your knowledge with our comprehensive training programs, ensuring efficient and safe operations.

MX-pH System

Dive into the world of precise pH control with our advanced MX-pH System, optimizing your water treatment processes.

Metex delivers superior products, leading expertise, and customized system solutions, providing customers with peace of mind.

Custom Solutions


Custom Solutions

At Metex, we advise our customers and strive to provide each of them with high quality products, customized system solutions, and access to technical experts. We pride ourselves on offering helpful infield solutions designed with their specific needs in mind. Our stellar products and in- depth understanding of them are why our customers look to Metex.