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Hallett 4-20mA Wastewater System Hallett

UV Pure’s Hallett® 4-20mA Wastewater System, was developed for residential and light commercial wastewater treatment applications, outperforms all conventional UV systems with the ability to treat very low quality wastewaters (low UV transmittance) trouble free.
Standard equipment with this is model is the 4-20mA Unit that allows for remote monitoring of your Hallett system. It provides an analog output of UV Intensity and Net UV Transmittance (UVT) from a Hallett system. The loop-powered transmitter can be used with any device that requires a 4-20mA signal for logging purposes or for process control.


Hallett UV wastewater purification systems, with patented Crossfire Technology, are engineered for simple, efficient multiplex configuration, and treat flows up to 1 MGD (3785 m³/day) for wastewater and reuse applications. Hallett LPHO (low pressure high output) wastewater systems outperform all conventional LPHO wastewater systems and most medium pressure systems with the ability to treat very low quality (low UV transmittance) wastewaters trouble free. Traditionally, low-quality wastewater effluents have required medium pressure systems to reach the required dose. The Hallett wastewater system is the first of its kind and the only LPHO technology that matches and/or beats the performance of conventional medium pressure systems which are significantly more expensive from a capital and operating cost perspective. Each Hallett system for wastewater is factory sized and programmed to achieve target treatment requirements. Hallett systems are effective in a broad range of pre-treatment wastewater quality. They are also engineered to prevent operator exposure to potentially hazardous wastewater since no manual quartz cleaning is required. The Hallett 4-20mA offers these unique product

  • LCD Display – an LCD display is a standard feature indicating both UV Sensors’ input values and transmitted values.
  • UV Intensity Output – a normalized signal (0-100%) proportional to the UV intensity of the UV lamp is transmitted.
  • Net UV Transmittance (UVT) Output – a normalized signal (0-100%) proportional to the Net UV Transmittance of the water is transmitted.
  • Factory Calibrated – both span and offsets are preset for immediate field use.
  • Mounted On Board – the 4-20mA unit is installed within the Hallett 30 unit with the display located on the front panel.


Broadest Range of Pre-treatment Conditions
Parameter Pre-Treat Conditions
TSS < 20 mg/L
BOD < 20 mg/L
Turbidity < 4 NTU
UVT As low as 45%
  • 4-20mA Unit
  • Flexible stainless steel hook-up hoses
  • Power Conditioner
  • Wireless Remote Monitor
  • Automatic Shut-off Solenoid Value
  • Hallett Diagnostic Tool
  • Purge Valve